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Ep. 77: The Top Storytelling Tips from Season 5

Happy New Year, storytellers! Before we plunge into Season 6 of The Storytelling Lab in February, we wanted to take one last look back at our best season yet. In this recap episode, Rain features the most inspiring moments from Julia Campbell, Troy Sandidge, Amanda, Cazzola, Ashley Bernardi, Nick Jaworski, Kevin Allison, Kenn Adams, Ray Christian, Andy Henriquez, and Miri Rodriguez. Tune in for all the top storytelling tips!



At the beginning of Season Four of The Storytelling Lab, I made a promise to myself.

We’d just hosted our biggest guest to date, Evan Carmichael, and I knew we were ready to grow to the next level.

From that point on, I vowed not to hesitate to reach out to people I’d been scared to invite previously.

For the first two or three seasons of the show, I mostly reached out to people that I either had easy access to (friends and acquaintances). Every now and then, we’d get lucky with certain bigger names due to the niche of the podcast.

But because I was still new to the storytelling space and our show was still small, I balked when it came to asking those people that I looked up to in the storytelling space.

Well, Season Five was our most successful season yet.

And that was because of the amazing caliber of guests that shared their stories.

Ironically, it’s less about being “big names” and way more about being “great fits” for our show and for you, our audience.

It’s taken a long time, like all great things do, but the show has finally found its true identity: being a place for authentic conversation about how we create strong connections with humans through the art and science of storytelling.

At the end of every season of The Storytelling Lab, I like to comb through the episodes and pull out highlights that I know have resonated greatly with people.

This one is a bit longer but SO WORTH IT.

We talk about social media storytelling; building your brand and telling its stories; the struggles, risks, and fears of storytelling; how to find your storytelling voice, and the impact of emotion and empathy.

I’m so happy and so fulfilled by cultivating these conversations. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Thank you for listening.

Peace and Love,



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