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Keynote Speaking

You already have the tools to tell great stories that connect your communities, deepen your impact on your audience,

and increase your sales or donations...

You just need a guide. 

We have the most technologically advanced communication devices we've ever had, but at the root of all of them is the same timeless tool:

good stories.




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I speak to business creatives, marketers, and entrepreneurs to motivate them to tell the stories of their work, teach them the science of why stories resonate, show what story structure to follow and establish how to implement a cost effective long-term strategy to tell compelling stories.

The better storytellers we are, the better we can explain our mission, define our purpose, promote our causes, and sell our goods and services.

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Dynamic speeches

Keynote Options

Maximize Your impact in minimal time with Compelling video stories

Key Takeaways:

- Why the brain loves stories and how they drive action
- How to create compelling videos without expensive equipment
- How to tell an effective story in as little as six seconds

Key Takeaways:

What primitive psychological drivers cause stories to create human bonds
- Which stories are the most effective to tell and what characters work best
- How to use storytelling to connect, give hope, and lead the way for others
- Why stories are designed to create change and spark action

Using Storytelling to Connect, Build, and Grow Your Community

build lasting client relationships with the art and science of storytelling

Key Takeaways:

- What stories are most memorable and what mistakes to avoid
- Why people remember stories, but not stats or product features
- How to find any opportunity to tell a story in any format

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