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Why do we love stories?  And why does storytelling work so well?


From the early days of homo sapiens, we used stories for survival.  First, we used them to build trust.  We quickly learned how to use that trust built by stories to encourage trade.   Many millennia later, we have the most technologically advanced tools of communication we've ever had, but at the root of all of them are the same thing: good stories.


There is a science to why storytelling works and structure to follow so that we all can become better storytellers.  The better storytellers we are, the better we can explain our mission, define our purpose, promote our causes, and sell our goods and services.

I speak to business and nonprofit audiences that seek to tell their stories better.

In 60 minute keynotes or 30 minute breakout session, my presentations leave audiences with tangible advice they can put into action immediately.

  • The science of storytelling and how our brains reacts

  • The "nuts and bolts" to building out effective stories

  • Avoiding the most common storytelling mistakes

  • What makes a good character and how to find them

  • How to create great videos without expensive equipment

  • How to tell an effective story in as little as six seconds


"Rain guided us through  modifying our narratives. I have applied it to my own promotions and client marketing campaigns and seen an immediate improvement in reception and impact."

—  Eliana, Health Management

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