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whether in documentary or narrative films, shorts or feature-length, or for the big screen or small, the stories that I like to tell are ones of people who have made changes to overcome obstacles and take control of their health and happiness.



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I used to write horror stories in 2nd grade about killer monsters and mad scientists. One day my teacher Mrs. Jones and my mom called me in for a conference to suggest I write a "sweet story."  My next story, "The Boy Who Loved Snow" was the worst story ever written and I didn't write again until my 30s.​

But I never lost the love of storytelling or the idea that I could reach and impact people with my thoughts and ideas. It took a long time before I took it seriously. Perhaps I should thank my daughter, who inspired my first published work at Breaking Muscle

And then she inspired my first paid feature for HuffPost. Please don't tell her; I'm sure I owe her something for that. 

That article landed me a job at a local North Carolina publication, Chapelboro, where I have written over 100 entries in my weekly column, Right as Rain. There, I talk about my journey towards health and happiness and how to connect deeper with our communities.

Currently, I am also working on my first book about the art and science of storytelling.


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