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Heartfelt human stories of change

I like to tell

whether in documentary or narrative films, shorts or feature-length, or for the big screen or small, the stories that I like to tell are ones of people who have made changes to overcome obstacles and take control of their health and happiness.

Hip Hop Film Festival - Best of the Fest

Award Winning


The summer after I graduated college, I worked on a low-budget indie film as a Production Manager -- one of the only paid positions. I caught the bug learning how to tell a story without a lot of money and figuring out what worked and what didn't work.


Soon after, I started my production company, Flying Flounder Productions. We created documentary style wedding videos and sports recruiting videos for high school athletes, while I continued to learn by working on reality shows like American Idol and training under documentary filmmakers. 

Soon, my company was producing music videos, public service announcements, and long-form documentaries. Our work won several awards and was even nominated for an Emmy® two times!

But it wasn't until I directed my first feature length documentary, Raise Up: The World is Our Gym, that I found my true voice.

Currently, I am writing and directing narrative short films, several short documentaries, and a new feature length doc, Finding Croatoan.

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Feature Documentaries

Feature Documentaries