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I like to conduct

whether in a podcast, video series, or live event, I use my years of experience interviewing people for documentaries to draw out the most interesting and informational content from people in discussions intended to both entertain and educate the audience.

Live Event/Video Series


In 2003 I changed my major half way through college to follow my dream: working in film and television.

But I had never actually done any work or taken any classes on filmmaking But I did have experience acting. I grew up doing plays and musicals. So I auditioned for no budget indie film in North Carolina that was my first position in the film world. 

After that, I took every job I could. I've PA'd, I've run camera, I've been a producer, I've set up lights, and I've even held a boo pole. But it took a long time for me to realize what I do best.

And what I do best is to learn, on camera, so the audience can, too.

That's why I became a documentary filmmaker. I like to ask questions and learn, but I also like to peel back layers of the onion to find out the true purpose and unique perspectives of the stories being told.

I love hosting. Whether moderating a panel, hosting a video series, or producing my podcast, The Storytelling Lab, I like to help people learn through meaningful conversations.

Currently, I host a weekly talk show on Facebook Live for my client, Carcinoid Cancer Foundation -- a clever pivot during the pandemic.

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