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The Storytelling Lab - Ep32: Believing in Yourself with Evan Carmichael

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

This week we’re bringing you a special bonus episode with the one and only Evan Carmichael, entrepreneurial expert and YouTube star! Evan is working to solve the world’s biggest problem: people don’t #BELIEVE in themselves enough. Evan and Rain discuss belief & what it represents for Evan, modeling your business road map off of your role model’s success story, and turning your dreams into action. Enjoy!



The night before Thanksgiving, I was having a drink at my wife’s parents’ house and checking my email as my daughter and her cousins wrestled with a stuffed white tiger about 70% the size of an actual tiger.

My wife Maya sat next to me and jumped when I yelled, “Oh snap!” with excitement.

“What?!” she screamed.

“Aw, damn.” I replied, deflated.

“WHAT??” she repeated.

I told her that I had just got an email I’d been looking for the past few weeks from a podcast guest I was hoping to book, Evan Carmichael.

Evan has 2 million Youtube subscribers and would be the biggest guest I’ve had on the podcast. I really wanted to host him and his team finally reached out with an available slot.

But there was a problem...

It was the next day at noon. On Thanksgiving.

Evan is based in Toronto, so Thanksgiving isn’t a thing. But at my mother-in-law’s house? It’s a huge thing. Anywhere from 30 to 50 people are in her house in Virginia Beach eating the half-American/half-Guyanese dinner, drinking, and bashing my beloved Dallas Cowboys.

There was a time when I would have snuck off in another room to capitalize on the opportunity and record the podcast in a closet somewhere.

But lately, I’ve been operating with a “don’t chase anything; build something” mantra, so I explained the situation and politely declined.

I told them I would be spending the day with my family but if there was ever another opportunity for the interview, I’d jump at it.

I made a personal connection with Evan’s assistant because of how I replied, so I think I won her over.

When I woke up the next morning, there was an invite in my mailbox for a 30 minute interview on December 19th.


Funny how the world works: when you put positivity out, it comes back.

And that’s exactly what Evan Carmichael is about.

His mission is to solve what he calls the world’s biggest problem: that people don’t believe in themselves enough.

He tries to solve it by sharing stories of success so people can see a blueprint of how others have put their plans into action and pursued their dreams effectively.

It worked for him, so he knows it can work for others.

“I asked myself, who had built a software company before, and the only person I could think of was Bill Gates. I researched his story and applied his strategies and that's what started to help my business take off.”

Evan is a pro and that was clear from the beginning of our conversation.

He didn’t falter with any of my questions. Each answer was thoughtful and practical. They weren’t canned responses.

He’s the real deal.

And he’s a content producing machine. I don’t know how many pieces of content he puts out a day, but since I started following him 10 months ago, I can’t log on to Twitter or Instagram without seeing a new post.

I have James Altucher, through his podcast, to thank for introducing me to Evan.

I have Sandra to thank for coordinating and putting the interview together.

And I have Evan to thank for not only taking the time, but absolutely delivering on his promise.

If you are struggling with taking that first step to follow your dream, or maybe you’ve started the first step but don’t know where to go from there, you must listen to this episode.

Evan has been there. And now he’s pledged to help others like you and me.

“Your why is your pain. Your purpose comes from your pain. Whatever you struggled with the most in life, you want to help other people through that same thing, because there's lots of people who currently are who you used to be.”

This episode is perfect for all you dreamers, entrepreneurs, and goal setters!

Some highlights of our conversation:

  • How Evan balances being an introvert with having a public persona

  • Balancing your schedule around how you personally work

  • Belief & what it represents for Evan

  • How to better believe in yourself and your individual talent

  • How doing work that you love is self care

  • How people are afraid to act & why that fear is holding you back

  • Why Evan likes to share other people’s stories

  • How to look up to yourself

  • The stories Evan finds most empowering: stories about how entrepreneurs got their business off the ground and how they made that first million

  • How to take business strategies from your role models

  • A successful business takes 3 ingredients to build: the hope that it’s possible, specific strategies AND actually putting those strategies into practice

  • Making content for your past self

  • Showing how to model other people’s success

  • Why you should start teaching from wherever you are -- there’s always someone looking up to you

  • Being LIVE and how it can add to insecurity

  • The boom boom test

  • How most people are playing small 95% of the time

  • Why the best path is through

  • The inventive way Evan tells his own story through pictures on his homepage

  • Why it’s helpful to see the ups and downs: People don’t want to learn from perfect people

  • The stories that resonate the most: personal narratives

  • How Evan moved his mindset towards producing his own content

  • Why it’s selfish not to share: you’re denying people the chance to learn from you

  • Gratitude

  • Changing habits in order to change attitude

  • How you can force a mood change to positive -- you’re not going to wake up every morning with a smile on and that’s ok (you have the power to change your outlook on the day!)

  • How Evan lifts his spirits in the morning

  • Understanding your own strategies: they are different for everyone

  • Heart vs head decisions: make the big decisions the heart and use your head to execute

  • Why pros and cons lists are stupid

As always, enjoy the episode!

Peace and Love,



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