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Find Your Voice and Write Your Story, But Not Necessarily in That Order with Ally Fallon

Updated: Jul 11

"Your voice is the thing about you that's so unique, that's going to make people crave the things that you're making. It's like a fingerprint. Nobody can replicate it."



Rain Bennett and Zach Green of Be Alive on The Storytelling Lab podcast.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a never-ending cycle of overthinking your first draft, and you're struggling to make progress on your book, then you are not alone!

It's time to break free and find a writing routine that works for your real life.

Let's get you on track to finish that first draft and move closer to your goal of becoming a successful author.

Ally Fallon is a prolific author and writing coach, with a passion for helping aspiring writers bring their stories to life.

As a self-starter who's navigated the challenges of the publishing world 14 times herself, Ally offers practical insights and actionable tips for first-time authors.

Her journey from being an introverted journal writer to a published author is both inspiring and relatable, making her the perfect guest to share strategies for developing a clear controlling idea and establishing a consistent writing routine.

In this episode, Ally discusses how to:

  • Unleash your unique writing style with effective voice-finding techniques.

  • Discover the powerful mental health benefits of writing and how it can transform your well-being.

  • Learn how to balance a full-time job while writing your book and make progress towards your dream.

  • Master practical strategies tailored for first-time book authors to overcome common hurdles and achieve success.

  • Create a nurturing and inspiring environment to fuel your creativity as an artist and bring out your best work.

Discover Techniques for Unique Writer's Voice

Find your own fingerprint in writing by surrendering to your unique expression.

Martha Graham's idea of a life force translated into action highlights the individuality in storytelling.

Access the limbic system through physical movement and early morning writing for authentic storytelling.

Neal Foard, Small Kindesses Aren't Loud But They Echo Forever

Explore Mental Health Benefits of Writing

Writing connects to one's truth and enhances mental and emotional well-being.

Regular writing has been associated with improved mental health in various studies.

Writing serves as a cathartic tool for personal healing and self-expression.

Effective Strategies for Balancing Writing

Master the basics before breaking boundaries in storytelling. Define a clear controlling idea to shape the book's message.

Establish a consistent writing routine to build momentum and overcome self-doubt.

"What makes you a real writer is butt and seat. Just get your butt in the seat and get the writing done."
- Ally Fallon

If you're struggling to find your unique voice and use it to publish your first book, this is the episode for you!

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Some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • Introduction to the Storytelling Lab

  • Allie's Journey to Becoming a Writer

  • What Makes a Real Writer?

  • Building an Ecosystem for Creativity

  • Building an Ecosystem of Work

  • Evolving as an Author

  • The Value of Personal Storytelling

  • The Healing Power of Writing

  • The Data on Writing and Health

  • The Artist's Way and Morning Pages

  • The Benefits of Writing

  • Importance of Finding Your Voice

  • Getting Limbic and Finding Inspiration

  • The Power of Insight in the Middle of the Night

  • Time Management for Writers

  • Writing with Children

  • Grace and Realism in Writing

  • The Role of Structure in Writing

  • Embracing Structure and Creativity

  • Defining the Controlling Idea

  • Consistency in Writing

  • Overcoming Perfectionism

  • Looking Ahead

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode!



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