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Ep. 72: Overcoming Your Fears of Authentic Storytelling

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving, compelling storytellers! On this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Rain answers questions from YOU about your storytelling fears. Rain shares some very relatable stories of his own while easing our fears and apprehensions by offering some down-to-earth advice and motivation when it comes to telling your story. This episode is perfect for anyone struggling to tell authentic stories.



One of the things I’ve learned in my journey, which pertains to storytelling as well as life, is that almost everything we feel and do comes back to identity.

The most important story is the one we tell ourselves.

October 2020 Storytelling Workshop

Since I’ve been helping people understand and leverage the power of storytelling, I keep coming back across a line of thought that bugs me.

People say things like “I just don’t consider myself to be a storyteller.” Or “I’m just not that creative.” And it’s just simply not true.

That is fear talking.

And with a fear-based mindset, the mental blocks created by it can prevent you from sharing your stories, becoming the compelling storyteller you want to be, and ultimately accomplishing your goals and dreams.

But to fear is to be human, so I urge you to forgive yourself. And my plan is to help you understand how to reframe that fear so it doesn’t block you.

Last week, I asked my Instagram and Facebook followers to let me know what fears prevent them from telling their stories in the most authentic way possible.

Then, on the podcast, I broke down each one, where the fear was coming from, and how you can reframe it to quiet those voices in your head and change the story you’re telling yourself.

It’s okay to have fears. That makes you human. And being human means you’re already a storyteller.

You just need to practice.

If you would benefit from understanding what steps to take when crafting a story, and setting up a consistent practice of telling those stories, I have a solution.

Next week, I am releasing A Storytelling Workbook for Beginners for you to exercise those storytelling muscles daily or weekly to tell up to 100 stories!

Stay tuned for more information on its release.

Peace and Love,



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