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Ep. 99: The Mind, Body, and Soul of Storytelling

This is it, storytellers. We've (almost) come to the end of season 6 with a final solo episode from Rain. He talks about how to engage the mind, body, and soul of your audience when telling your story and why storytelling isn't a marketing strategy. And stay tuned for that 100th episode coming in couple weeks where we'll recap the best moments of season 6!



Storytelling is not a marketing strategy.

Storytelling is the way humans communicate and connect with one another. And while that can be used very effectively for marketing, it is not the only use of the timeless multipurpose tool.

The way we use stories is deeply layered and embedded into our psychology, biology and chemistry. To be human is to be a storyteller. And so maybe that’s why stories themselves, and the ability to tell them well, so accurately reflect the human experience.

Stories, like humans, are most effective with their three-part combination of mind, body and soul are fully aligned and connected.

Storytelling is a MIND game. There is a science to it.

Since the beginning of humanity, we have understood how the world works and what is a threat to our survival because of sharing stories with one another.

It’s how our brains process information. It’s how we make decisions.

And if you understand that, you will understand how stories work and how you can effectively leverage them.

But effective storytelling also takes effort from the BODY.

There is work to be done and it has to be done consistently.

Knowing that stories are how humans communicate and make decisions is not enough. Knowing that storytelling is an effective strategy for overcoming obstacles and achieving goals is not enough.

You need to set up a system to consistently create stories that communicate your ideas.

You need to put in the reps to get better, so you can be more efficient.

Stories don’t tell themselves.

You need to put in the work.

But the final part of the holy trinity of storytelling is the SOUL.

And that, like the soul inside of you, is that intangible factor that makes everything work.

This is where the heart of your story and the emotional connection it provides to your audience comes from.

This is where empathy and understanding and relationship and community building come from.

This is where our ability to use stories to traverse dark and difficult times comes from.

All the science and strategy and technique and tactics in the world won’t work until you understand that humans are emotional creatures.

And the stories that we need touch those emotions.

In this episode of The Storytelling Lab, I talk about where all three of these equal parts of storytelling (and humans) intersect, and how you can find that intersection yourself.

Listen at the link above.

Peace and Love,



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