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Ep. 97: Keep Your Stories Simple

Storytellers... we're nearing the end of season 6 and that means we're one episode closer to 100! On this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Rain talks about why it's so important to keep your stories SIMPLE, or "KISS" as he calls it (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Tune in for some of Rain's most valuable tips and tricks!



Whenever I’m giving a workshop, I spend the first part of the session explaining how stories work, why they work, and the structure effective stories follow.

Then, when we are looking at different story formulas or templates to understand that structure, I break into exercises so the attendees can practice themselves.

Failure. Almost each and every time.

That’s because there’s a huge difference between listening to and learning something and actually putting it into action.

Part of the reason is because it’s not realistic to expect someone to get something the first time they hear it -- especially something that’s taken me years to perfect.

It’s also not realistic that they’ll ever become storytelling “experts.” I mean, they spend their time and energy becoming experts in the field their business is in. It’s hard to become an expert at two things simultaneously. Almost impossible.

But the good news is: they, nor you, need to be storytelling expert to use storytelling in your business and branding strategies.

You just need to know the Simple Story Structure that I follow so that whenever you have the opportunity to tell a story and use its power, you have the ability to.

Trying to make sure you hit all the beats of a feature length movie or a 400-page novel is not necessary when you’re just trying to make a TikTok video.

But lucky for you, the Simple Story Structure is all you need. And you can use it no matter how much time you have.

The best of the best can make complicated subjects simple for others to understand.

I think I have done that in today’s episode of The Storytelling Lab.

But you let me know if that’s true.

Listen at the link above.

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