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Ep. 95: How Many Stories is Too Many?

We're getting close to the end of season 6, storytellers! Just five more episodes til we reach the milestone of 100 episodes of The Storytelling Lab and we are EXCITED.. can you tell?! On this episode, Rain answers a recent question he got during a workshop, "How many stories is too many?" He discusses why story structure is so vital and ways to re-package your story.



Last week in a workshop for some real estate agents, I got the question: “Can you tell too many stories? We have so many different types of customers, are we supposed to tell stories for each one of them?”

It was such a good question, I wanted to expand my answer into a 20 minute podcast.

Because I know there are many people with this concern.

You may be a real estate agent, you may be a barber, you may be a restaurant owner. But you have the same issues: you have way too many kinds of customers with different problems, different goals, and different stakes to have to make up a story about each one.

Well I don’t want you to do that either.

Make no mistake, the answer to the question “Can you tell too many stories? is “NO.”

You can never tell too many stories because it is innately how humans communicate. So that would be like, can you have too many conversations? (Granted if you’re still telling stories 3 years after meeting a potential customer and you haven’t converted them, that’s not good. But that’s a problem somewhere else in your process, not because you told too many stories.”

But using storytelling as your strategy does not mean I want you to memorize 1000 stories. I want you to become a storyteller. So that at any given time, you can see the opportunity to tell a great story and seize that opportunity.

I want storytelling to be your language.

But in order to be fluent in that language, you have to understand two things: 1) the simple story structure that you can go to for any story (long or short form), at any time, on any format, and 2) what are primitive psychological drivers that all humans care about.

(Pro tip: there are less than 10).

Once you figure these out, it won’t be that you’re telling too many stories. You’ll be telling the same few stories with certain small details changed out.

Just like Hollywood experts for the past 100 years.

In this week’s episode of The Storytelling Lab, I go over exactly what these primitive psychological drivers are and why people only care about a small handful of things, and how you can use those things to your advantage.

Listen at the link above.

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