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Ep. 93: The Narrative Drumbeat Behind Your Story

On this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Rain addresses the elephant in your mind... "Will people get tired of hearing my story?" No, absolutely not! And in this episode, Rain explains exactly why that is and how repetition is key to garnering your audience and obtaining sales leads. Tune in for this packed episode!



I want you to think about this question and answer honestly...

Have you ever been planning out your content, trying to create consistently to stay top of mind with your audience, and had the thought, “Won’t people get tired of me telling the same ol’ story over and over again?”

If so, read on.

Because I am going to smack that voice inside your head upside its head… if it had one, that is.

First, let me address that I understand where this thought comes from. You don’t want to bore your people to death or be redundant -- which we know can also bore people to death. You think that if each time they see you on social media and you’re still talking about the same thing, they’ll leave because they know what to expect and know they won’t get more.

Well, that’s actually the reason (actually just ONE of the reasons) you should keep telling the same story over and over again -- so they know what to expect from you.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, will be able to trust a brand that is one day talking about storytelling, another day talking about lawn maintenance, another day talking about financial strategy, and the next day talking about the best way to make a peanut butter sandwich.

All great entrepreneurs, brands and marketers have a “narrative drumbeat” that they bang over and over and over again. And it’s how their brands get stuck in the heads of their audiences like a commercial jingle.

You need to do the same thing.

And the way to do that effectively is to craft a strong Core Belief Statement.

That Core Belief Statement will be the narrative thread that is woven through all your marketing messages from here on out. Each piece of marketing, whether social media, or your newsletter, or your website copy, will be made up of that same thread.

So your surface stories can change (and they should), but your central narrative drumbeat remains the same.

In this week’s episode of The Storytelling Lab, I walk you through exactly what makes up your Core Belief Statement and how to use it effectively.

Listen at the link above.

Peace and Love,



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