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Ep. 92: Mastering the Medium for Your Message with Robert Kennedy III

On this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Rain chats with Robert Kennedy II -- author, speaker, coach, corporate trainer, and expert storyteller. Robert brings a wealth of knowledge and actionable tips to us this week! He talks on the importance of prioritization and execution, how to stay "interesting," capitalizing on all the content mediums at your disposal, and so much more. Tune in for a jam-packed episode!



In today’s age of digital technology, we are constantly tasked with having to connect with our communities using technological tools that we might not be familiar or comfortable with.

Does that sound like you?

Do you clam up just thinking about having to give a speech or go live on a video platform broadcasting to your audience?

Do you stress about what medium is best for delivering your message?

And if it’s the best medium, is it one that brings out the best in you?

These are the kinds of questions that I discuss in this week’s episode of The Storytelling Lab with Robert Kennedy III, known by his community affectionately as “RK3.”

Robert is the founder and CEO of Kennetik Kommunications, a leadership development and presentation training company. Through keynotes, corporate workshops, and virtual experiences, Robert works with leaders who need to deliver messages with confidence.

We first met on Clubhouse, discussing different aspects of storytelling (storytelling for business, storytelling with video, storytelling for nonprofits, etc.) and immediately I saw that he had a knack for offering simple solutions to complex problems that people faced -- specifically addressing those mental blocks or limiting beliefs you might have that prevent you from doing your best work.

“I love helping people create hope, generate excitement and belief in their capacity to change lives, starting with their own.”

Robert and I hit it off quickly as I do with anyone whose personality just beams from the moment we start a conversation.

He’s funny, he’s witty, he’s energetic and, best of all, he knows storytelling.

And he knows storytelling so well because he knows what people care about and what it takes to make people care. He is an expert at giving people that belief in themselves so they can master the art and science of storytelling and connect with their audiences on deeper levels.

If you want to master the best medium for your message, this is the episode for you!


Some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • How to tell better stories with technology

  • Perks of repurposing content

  • Importance of prioritizing and executing

  • The downfall of “action-takers”

  • “Eisenhower's Matrix”

  • Where to find your audience

  • How to keep people engaged remotely/virtually

  • Best ways to stay interesting to your audience

  • Bringing intention and value to your work

  • Tailoring your information to a specific platform and audience group

  • Utilizing video, audio, and copy

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Peace and Love,



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