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Ep. 85: You Don't Need Expertise, You Need a Story

We're here with another solo episode from your show host, Rain Bennett. On this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Rain breaks the 'expert' stigma. He talks about the importance of harnessing what you DO have and utilizing where you're at in your journey today. This episode is perfect for anyone who needs a little confidence boost to know that you're completely capable to help someone with your story right now, and without being an expert.



When I started my storytelling journey I had one thought that plagued my mind constantly.

“Who am I to think I’m special?”

Check that. It was multiple thoughts that basically all shared the same sentiment.

“Why would someone hire me for this?”

“I’m not an expert.”

“I’ll never be as good as those people.”

In the space I was hoping to enter -- storytelling for marketing -- I didn’t see anyone who looked like me. In fact, they all looked better than me. They had worked at big brands like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Pixar. They had spoken on stages at Social Media Marketing World and Content Marketing world. They had been on major podcasts. They’d written books.

They were experts.

I was just an indie filmmaker who barely finished his feature documentary and it took him over five years. Sure, I started with no money and no backing, and sure I sold the movie to Red Bull, but it wasn’t like I created Stranger Things.

Then I asked myself, “Is there anyone out there who might want to do something similar? To finance, direct, and produce their own stories that get awarded and recognized globally?

Yes. A ton of them.

Then I asked, “Have any of those experts that intimidate me done what I’ve done with this film?”

No. None of them.

So did I have something that I could offer a certain group of people that would help them?

Yes. Of course I did.

See, you don’t have to be an expert to help your audience. You just need to be a step or two ahead and be willing to reach back, offer a helping hand and guide them to the next step.

You have something that you’ve accomplished that makes you unique.

And you can help people with that. You don’t need to try and be a guru or talk about the same things that the “experts” talk about -- especially if it’s not authentically your story.

You can’t give someone directions to a place you’ve never been. Though many people try.

Don’t do this.

Instead, use your unique experiences and lessons learned to identify a target audience that would benefit from it and tell them your story.

There’s a great book called Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson that can teach you the best ways to implement this and create a business around it.

And you can build a business around your experience.

What’s a better way to make a living than just by being yourself?

You don’t need to be an expert. You just need a story.

Peace and Love,



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