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Ep. 82: Building a Business Around Your Personal Story with Jimmy Hays Nelson

This episode of The Storytelling Lab is a lively one! Rain features Jimmy Hays Nelson, a high-performance business coach whose focus is to help clients craft their personal brand through storytelling. Jimmy speaks on the importance of accountability, self-respect, and vulnerability as some of the keys to unlocking your potential. This episode is perfect for anyone who needs help getting clarity on their goals.



“I need to learn how to tell my story.”

Have you had this thought in the past year or so?

If you have, you’re like most of the entrepreneurs, small business owners, and people launching their personal brands that I’ve heard from on social media and in my workshops and webinars.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably learned that storytelling is a huge opportunity to communicate your ideas and tell people what you do.

In fact, there’s so much demand for it, that I’m launching my first course that helps people uncover that story!

But here’s the issue.

After you learn how to tell your story, figure out exactly what details to include and what to cut out, and create the most powerful hook ever that demands attention…

Then what?

The leads just start pouring in?

You’ve been listening to all these branding and marketing experts for months and you’ve done what they’ve all said, right? Now you just sit back and cash the checks… right??


All you’ve done is the first step. That’s the equivalent of choosing a business name or purchasing a domain. Congrats! It’s the first step. But it’s only one step.

Now the real work begins and you have to build a business around that story.

Otherwise, if all your storytelling, marketing, and brand efforts don’t lead to bookings and sales, then what’s the point? In order to be successful in business you HAVE to generate revenue.

This week on The Storytelling Lab, I talked with Jimmy Hays Nelson, a high performance business coach that helps his clients seamlessly connect their personal stories to their product or service

Using his 20+ years of experience as a stage and film performer, he crafted his own personal story to create a 7-figure business and now dedicates his life to helping professionals craft their own stories to attract and impact the lives of their ideal audiences.

More importantly, he does so in a way that totally encompasses the overlaps of our bodies, our brains, and our businesses.

Remember those “Insanity” fitness DVDs with Shaun T? Jimmy was featured in those!

This is the first time I’ve had someone on the show who, like me, incorporates health and wellness into their storytelling practices.

“Coach Jimmy,” as he’s known, understands that a healthy body means a healthy mind and a healthy mind is needed for a healthy business.

That, and a heck of a story.

If you want to know exactly how to use your story and create a whole business around it, this is the episode for you!


Some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • Finding and developing your confidence

  • The importance of respecting yourself

  • Inaction as our biggest enemy

  • Making a game plan for yourself

  • The importance of doing the work

  • Applied knowledge vs. learned knowledge

  • Knowledge vs. Action

  • Taking ownership for your life path

  • Acting as preparation for storytelling coaching

  • How to attract your audience based on your personal experiences

  • Building your personal brand

  • Leaning into your true nature

  • Importance of vulnerability and honesty

  • Making an impact on the world

  • Getting clear on the problem you solve

  • Identifying your target audience

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Peace and Love,



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