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Ep. 125: Master the Story of Your Mind with Robbie Cornelius

Robbie Cornelius is an entrepreneur who focuses on the acquisition, building, management & sales of digital assets, the owner of Web Asset Group, LLC, and the host of the Master Yourself Podcast.

In this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Robbie tells the story of how he changed his mindset to take control of his life and career and explains the systems he uses daily to execute the tasks that allow him to continue to master his mind and make money online.



TikTok has been great for me—personally and professionally.

It still gets a decent amount of flack from people who don't use it because 1) "Isn't that just an app for kids doing dances?" and 2) "the Chinese government is taking all your data!"

Well, it's actually a great place to grow your brand and connect with your audience and if you're worried about data privacy, I hope you're not using any Meta, Google, or Apple products currently. (wink)

In reality, it's the strongest-performing social media channel because of its algorithm.

Whereas the content on your Facebook and Instagram feeds was traditionally generated by who you follow, with TikTok it is all based on your interests.

So if you're into freestyle calisthenics, for example, you'll watch a video or two and before long, your news feed will be full of that kind of content (and maybe you'll run across my movie Raise Up).

This means as a creator, you can get in front of the people who are interested in what you have to offer, quicker and more easily than ever before.

It has given me lots of new business and followers as well as many new friends.

Recently, I spoke at a sales webinar from a connect named Joe. After I spoke to his group, he put me on a text with a guy named Robbie that he thought I'd like.

Robbie and I got on the phone and talked for almost an hour.

And Robbie is now a friend.

TikTok has been even greater for that new friend as he has over 250,000 followers and counting!

Robbie's energy is captivating and it's easy to like him.

He's inspiring. He's motivating.

But perhaps the most valuable thing he offers is a roadmap of his journey through his brand storytelling.

He shows the way.

So often entrepreneurs that create content only talk about high-level strategy from the 30,000-foot view. The problem this creates is for the solopreneur or small business owner on Step One or Step Two, who doesn't know what they should do first.

They don't know how to start or how to execute without all the resources and practice of the experienced entrepreneur.

I have never seen a creator give as much authentic step-by-step advice as Robbie does. If you want to know how to do something he has done successfully, there is a video about it.

"So if you look at the average TikTok expert, they're gonna talk about the opening hooks and making your videos choppy and having the trending sounds. Best practices. For me, I'm not built like that. I'm just all about documenation." - Robbie Cornelius

If you struggle to master your mindset and achieve your business goals, this is the episode for you!


Some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • The morning ritual he does to stay in a positive mindset daily

  • How a mentor of his changed his life with one simple request

  • Why being so clear on what you do that you can explain it to a child is important for your business

  • The various online businesses Robbie owns

  • How to master one's mind through meditation

  • The simple branding hack he got from "Feng Shui Kate"

  • How your circle of friends directly impacts your lifestyle and livelihood

  • Why selling products on Amazon changed his life

  • How he tried to help his friends by explaining why Amazon changed his life and how many actually followed his advice

  • Why finally forgiving his father set him free

  • His strategy for daily social media execution and growing his audience

  • His step-by-step approach to creating TikTok videos

  • Why documenting and sharing his story on TikTok took his domain reselling business to the next level

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Peace and Love,



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