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Ep. 116: Making Your Stories Magnetic with Gabrielle Dolan

Gabrielle Dolan is a keynote speaker and educator. While working in a senior leadership role at National Australia Bank, she realized the power of storytelling in effective business communication. Now she is a best-selling author and leads storytelling workshops for some of the world's biggest brands.

In this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Gabrielle breaks down the dos and don'ts of business storytelling and communication.



Gabrielle Dolan was months into writing her most recent book about business storytelling and communication and was struggling to come up with a title.

Everything she tried was good, but it didn't quite capture her theme.

That's when her husband stepped in and saved the day (but not in the way he thought he was going to).

He burst through the door.

"I know the name of your new book! Teflon Stories!"

"What?!" she replied. "That's the exact opposite of what stories are supposed to be. Teflon is the non-stick; it doesn't stick!"

"Oh yeah." he said, and then quietly exited the room.

After laughing a bit longer and loving him for trying that last line rang in her head: the exact opposite of what stories are supposed to be.

Then it dawned on her.


We use stories to draw our customers and clients into our brand space. We use stories to bring our teams together behind a common goal. We use stories to stick!

Gabrielle is a global business communication expert that helps companies and organizations understand how to use their "magnetic stories" to engage their employees, lead their teams, and connect with their customers.

In this era, where we are connected digitally more than physically, businesses are facing new challenges when it comes to conveying their messages and connecting with their audiences.

And for those businesses, Gabrielle believes that storytelling is the way, whether virtually or in person.

I wholeheartedly agree.

But it's not enough to just say brands and businesses should tell stories.

If they want to replicate the process consistently for the long term, there must be a formula that they can follow and teach their teams.

That's where Gabrielle comes in.

While training in a senior leadership role at National Australia Bank, she quickly realized the power of storytelling in effective business communication. Since that epiphany, Gabrielle has found her calling as a global thought leader in strategic storytelling and real communication.

Now she is the best-selling author of six (or seven, she thinks) books and her most recent one (you know, the one the husband helped name) is what we talked about during our conversation on The Storytelling Lab.

"We think because it's business we need to de-personalize our stories. Seriously, the person whoever said 'Business isn't personal.' is an idiot.”

If you want to know the basics of brand storytelling to engage your customers and clients more, this is the episode for you!


Some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • The power of virtual training and how to yield it

  • Simple ways to improve your engagement virtually

  • Her storytelling epiphany when training employees

  • How stories directly influence leadership

  • Why personal stories are so effectively professionally

  • The easy way to approach brand storytelling

  • How many brand stories a business has

  • Why stories are magnetic and why she titled her book Magnetic Stories

  • The five kinds of stories every business should tell

  • The real story behind the Barbie brand

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Peace and Love,



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