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Ep. 113: Making Your Social Media Easier with Stephen G. Pope

After Stephen sold the tech company he grew to 2.6 million/year, he looked back and knew it could have been done even faster. He got clear on the simple actions that generated revenue and learned everything he could about marketing, video, and social. Now, Stephen G. Pope is the founder and CEO of SGP Labs, a marketing strategy and media company that helps entrepreneurs grow fast by avoiding all the trial and error.

In this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Stephen explains how to keep your social media strategy simple and sustainable so you can efficiently grow your reach, even as a one-person team!



I've been spending a lot of time in the past year on TikTok.

A few of my videos have gone viral and I've got a decent small following of 15,000 followers. I'm what they call a "micro influencer" in the content creator world.

And while many people think that TikTok is just a platform for teens to do silly dances to trending songs and sounds, it has transformed my business.

The algorithm is untouched by any other social platform out there—which is why they're all trying to replicate what TikTok is doing. Secondly, the conversion rates that you get by finding your audience because of said algorithm are incredible.

But the best part for me, of any social media platform, is the relationships that I have grown.

So in Season 8 of the show, in between my long-form episodes with guests that I have like curated, I'm pulling in people that I've just met on TikTok.

Some of these people have 100,000 followers, and some have 500. But they all do great work and have information that will help you. So I wanted to use my podcast to give them a platform and give you and me a new voice to learn from that we might've never heard before!

This is the first one of those episodes.

Stephen G. Pope helps service providers, coaches, and consultants promote their brands, and establish themselves as innovators and experts.

But what he really does well is help you automate your content creation process so you can grow your business — fast!

If you listen to this show, you know a good deal about storytelling and content creation.

But the problem is, even if you're a great storyteller, you probably have a very small team. Or maybe it's just you by yourself, growing your personal brand, being a solopreneur, or creating content as an influencer.

And this makes everything, especially marketing, overwhelming.

"It's purpose, focus, simplicity, and sustainability. If you go on to social media and you have those things... you'll make an impact rather quickly.”

It's hard to compete with the Gary Vees and big influencers/content creators out there that just say, "Just keep creating!"

Easy for them to say when they have a whole team behind them and a pretty big budget.

So Steven specifically helps content creators understand how to keep it simple, how to automate, and systemize the content creation process so that it is more efficient and therefore more effective.

We had an awesome conversation about different social platforms and how to utilize them.

Because no matter where you are in your business, it can get you in front of the most people quickly, easily, and cheaply.

If you struggle to consistently create quality content, this is the episode for you!


Some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • How to make a business from your unique experiences

  • Telling your story on social media

  • How to great a product and launch it in just three days

  • The four things you need for a successful content strategy

  • What to focus on when first starting your content strategy

  • TikTok vs YouTube—how and why to use each

  • Why social media gives you an opportunity you've never had

  • How to grow quickly and efficiently

  • Why the rate at which you grow is directly proportional to the conversations you have

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Peace and Love,



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