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Ep. 110: Relationship Selling by Storytelling with Kyle Draper

Updated: Jun 3

Announcement, storytellers! This episode featuring social media coach and speaker, Kyle Draper, will conclude the whirlwind that has been season 7. On this season finale episode, Kyle takes us through his many lives from working in ministry, to being a roofer, to now being a successful coach and speaker. Kyle teaches us why focusing on creating genuine connections with your existing audience fosters career longevity. Tune in for this jam-packed episode and... GO COWBOYS!



Let’s cut to the chase.

What’s really holding you back from creating content that will connect with your audience—your customers—on a deeper level? If you’ve ever read any of my work (like my new book!) you know that I feel strongly (which is putting it very lightly) that video storytelling is the way.

And I’m probably not the only person you’ve heard say “video” or “storytelling” when talking about your marketing.

But still. You hesitate.

Well… it’s because it IS scary.

The hard part about video is absolutely not the technical knowledge of how the technology works. It’s the knowledge of how your mind works. Which is both more complex than our technology and simultaneously simple as can be.

You psych yourself out. You create these false narratives in your head.

You tell yourself a story that just isn’t true.

Whether its fear that people will judge you, or fear that you’ll make mistakes, or—worst of all—fear that absolutely no one will listen, it prevents you from doing something that can create long lasting relationships better than any other tool you have available to you.

I met a man named Kyle Draper recently.

His story is the living, breathing embodiment of how you can take the leap, trust the process, and turn your business around all just by quieting those voices and pressing the “Record” button.

Kyle is a social media coach for REALTORS®, but his (ahem…) organic reach extends much further past that subset.

I had him on the podcast this week and learned how his career evolved from being a youth pastor, to a roofer, to a website developer for REALTORS®, to a professional speaker and social media coach all by listening to his heart and speaking from it to his audience—mostly on live video!

“Most of my competitive advantage is gonna come from what’s out of the comfort zone of my competitors. For most people, that’s video.”

The trick is actually pretty easy.

Stop worrying about what you want and start worrying about what your people need.

Then, you’re not selling them a product or service, you’re selling them a relationship that will benefit them immediately, and continue to benefit them more deeply as it grows.

Then, your products and services will move themselves.

Don’t take my word for it. As Kyle said, “I’m not selling you some new tool. There are thousands of people telling you this same thing. And you still think it won’t work.”

The time has come for you to stop lying to yourself. You can do this. And you don’t have to do it like “they” do it (whoever “they” is in your mind).

You need to do it like only you can do it. And you need to start.

But first, you should listen to this conversation because it is going to prepare you.

If you want to take that leap and learn how to successfully create content over the long term, this is the episode for you!


Some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • Starting out in ministry

  • How ministry and construction influences Kyle today

  • How to talk to your audience without selling

  • Being authentic on social media

  • Using storytelling to create a bridge between industries

  • Why using video is so crucial to standing out

  • Creating deep connections with your pre-existing audience

  • Getting past feeling shameful or embarrassed of yourself for the good of others

  • Being a real "influencer"

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Peace and Love,



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