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Ep. 109: Six Second Stories the Book is Available!

Welcome back, storytellers! We know it's been a hot minute since we've uploaded an episode, and that's because we've been hard at work creating a very special project for all of you. On November 23rd, Rain's book Six Second Stories: Maximize Your Impact in Minimal Time with Video Storytelling will be available to order! However, it is available TODAY to pre-order for only 99 cents! We are thrilled to finally be able to share this project with you and look forward to getting back to our regularly scheduled programming!



The holidays are here and I’ve got a gift for you!

Since 2019, I've been working on distilling all my video storytelling lessons into a book.

My first book!

My thesis is that before you can really leverage the power of current technological tools like video, you must first master human communication. And humans communicate and connect through STORIES. So that is what I teach in this book: how to be an expert storyteller first, and then use whatever tools you have access to and the skills to use, to deepen your impact on your customers, clients, and communities.

It has taken me a lot longer than I naively anticipated back in 2019 (we can blame it on the pandemic, or a new baby, or plenty of other things). But during that time, I became so much better of a storyteller that the book benefitted from me taking my time and not rushing it. (There's a life lesson there, too.)

But it is here now. The release date is officially 11/23/2021, but the ebook is available for pre-order TODAY and I wanted to let you in on it.

Also, because I love what I do so much and truly believe in this book's ability to help you on your storytelling, marketing, and business journey, I'm making it available for ONE DOLLAR ($0.99) during the pre-sale.

After 11/23, it'll be full price ($9.99 for the ebook and $17.99 for the paperback).

I'll be honest, I'm offering this at $0.99 for two reasons: one for you, and one for me.

For you, because I know it can help and I don't want money to stop you from investing in the knowledge it holds.

For me, because Amazon's algorithm for best-seller rankings is drastically impacted by the first week's sales (which pre-orders contribute to).

So if you are at all interested in getting this book, THIS IS THE TIME. For both of us to benefit from it the most.

That said, if you want the paperback, be my guest!! Haha. And I'll be sure to sign it.

This book is dropping right in time to be a great gift for someone in your company (heck, I’m already getting orders from whole companies!), a friend’s company to support Small Business Saturday, or anyone in the nonprofit space for Giving Tuesday.

If you listen to The Storytelling Lab podcast, or you’ve been to one of my keynotes or workshops, you’re one of my coaching clients, or you just follow me on social media, I can't thank you enough for everything.

You are a part of this story.

And I’m so so grateful for you.

Peace and Love,



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