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Ep. 107: Sharing Your Story on Live Video

As you may have heard, we took a couple weeks off from The Storytelling Lab to deal with some personal matters, but we're back this week with a very important episode. On this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Rain dives into the importance of sharing your story on live video and his top 5 tips for keeping it authentic and interesting. Tune in for some key pointers on how live video can amplify your reach!



Have you ever asked a question to someone (maybe a potential vendor, or a panelist at a conference, or even a doctor) and received just the most amazing answer that completely clarified what you were confused about and left you with a tangible takeaway that would influence your decisions and direction moving forward?

Isn’t that awesome when it happens?

Now, let’s flip the script.

Have you ever been asked a spontaneous question, or been put on the spot, about a topic that you KNOW you know well (your work, your passion, your significant other, etc.) and you just blank and eventually utter out some vague response that really achieves nothing but filling the sound of silence until you can escape the moment as fast as possible?

Isn’t that NOT awesome?

I want to help you fix that so you can be more like the person in the first scenario.

In Episode 105 of my podcast, The Storytelling Lab, I talked about FIVE different types of video that you should definitely be leveraging heading into 2022:

  1. Original Content/Branded Content

  2. Corporate Marketing

  3. Educational Video

  4. Short Form Social Media

  5. Live Video

And if you listened to that episode (if you didn’t here it is!), you know that I ended on Live Video without going into any detail because it required its own episode.

Well, my dear storyteller, that episode is now available.

I’ve produced a live show for my client Carcinoid Cancer Foundation every week for the past 15 months and it’s been a wild success.

I think you can replicate that success.

In this week’s podcast, I break down all the tips and tricks of what to do and what not to do to conduct a successful live video series for your brand or business.

If you want the bullet points because you don’t need any details and want to learn the hard way, here are the five main talking points:

1. Stay Engaged with Your Lens (THAT is your audience!)

2. Don’t Memorize Your Content

3. Find Way to Break Up the Monotony

4. Be Consistent

5. Just Press Record and Go (the lessons will come later!)

But if you want to hear exactly what each bullet point means and how to apply it, listen at the link above.

Peace and Love,



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