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Ep. 106: Cultivating Leadership Skills Through Story with Gerry Sandusky

On this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Rain sits down with Gerry Sandusky (yes, that's Gerry with a 'G'), voice of the Baltimore Ravens and business coach. Gerry is an expert at teaching business leaders how to communicate with their audience in an effective and emotionally impactful way. Tune in for some fantastic tips about how to take control of your narrative and become an excellent communicator.



When your father spends about 30 years as a coach in the National Football League, you pick up a few pointers on how to be an effective leader.

But you also learn the lessons on the other side of that coin—how soul crushing the defeats can be and how body crushing the intensity of the job can be.

And if you’re really tuned into yourself, you figure out how to carve your path and make your own mark by taking both of those into account as you figure out your own passion.

That’s what Gerry Sandusky did.

(Yes, that’s “Gerry with a ‘G’.”)

What Gerry and his father John both shared was a love of people—particularly inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves.

John did it on the gridiron; Gerry does it in the boardroom and on the stage.

Gerry, when he’s not clocking in at his day job being the voice of the Baltimore Ravens (still keeping football close to his life, but not consuming his life), spends his time coaching business leaders on how to communicate their excellence at the front of a presentation room, on mainstream media and, now, virtually in Zoom calls.

This is what I call “finding your unique intersections,” and Gerry has done a masterful job of doing so, combining his gift of communication with his love for leadership (with a splash of football still in there).

Because he understands that so well, he was able to parlay a strong personal brand out of his foundation of being a football announcer. Now the two pieces of his brand help each other.

As he said in this episode of The Storytelling Lab, “Your brand is your boss. So when you communicate something, it is either on target or off target.” And that is how he keeps aligned.

And he helps others do the same with his skill of storytelling.

If you want to learn to clearly establish your brand as a leader and communicate it to your team or your audience through stories, this is the episode for you!


Some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • The similarity between sports and storytelling

  • How taking control of your perspective reveals the power of story

  • The emotional connection as “the super highway”

  • How Gerry found his career in sports broadcasting

  • How to help lead people to your conclusion

  • Leaning into growing your personal brand

  • Controlling your own narrative

  • How to take advantage of our current revolutions for your brand

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Peace and Love,



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