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Ep. 103: Sharing Your Story on Stage

On this episode of The Storytelling Lab, Rain dives into his journey of becoming a professional speaker. He goes into how to start your speaking career, tips for finding and getting in front of your audience, and concrete financial goals you should have for yourself. If you've ever thought about starting a public speaking career, this episode is for you!



Back in 2018, when I started my new business Six Second Stories, I had the idea that I should start public speaking as a way to share my storytelling ideas and promote my services.

I thought that speaking could act as the “big domino” that knocked down all the other dominoes: video production work, coaching clients, course sign ups, book sales, and more speaking gigs!

It worked. It didn’t just work, it worked WELL.

After almost every speaking engagement, I’d get an email from someone in attendance asking me to help them produce their next video.

It also created new revenue streams like consulting companies on their social media and marketing strategies.

Chances are, this might work for your business, too.

You may have even had the thought of getting up on stage and sharing your brand story.

But you might not know where to start. At least that’s how I felt three years ago.

The good news for you is, I love to share my experiences—good, bad, and ugly.

Last month on my TikTok account, I started a “Share Your Story on Stage” series.

The goal was to increase the transparency in the historically opaque business that the speaking industry is. I want people to know how to book gigs, what to charge for them, and when to charge more. I want you to know all the places you can earn money and share your story that aren’t technically “stages” but are still considered public speaking.

Above all, I want you to leverage this powerful storytelling tool to do better work and make a deeper impact on your audience.

In this episode of The Storytelling Lab, I talk about how find what you can talk about like no one else, who the ideal audience for that topic is, and how to make money sharing your story on stage.

Listen at the link above.

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