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Ep. 102: Livestreaming Your Podcast with Christoph Trappe

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Welcome back to our first GUEST episode of Season 7 of The Storytelling Lab! Our first guest is Christoph Trappe, Director of Content Strategy at Voxpopme, author, speaker, and host of The Business of Storytelling. Rain and Christophe talk all about the benefits of livestreaming your show and other creative content. Show hosts and content creators -- tune in!



Last week, I was on two podcasts and they both live streamed the video of our interviews, broadcasting it to their different social media channels at the same time.

Not only that, but one of the hosts sent me a link and asked me to “pair” my accounts so that I could simulcast -- meaning simultaneously broadcast the interview to my channels as well! It was a new test feature on the platform and I only had a few minutes to set it up, but I had to see it for myself.

The possibilities of cross-marketing with this tool were huge!

Then as fate would have it, the following day I hosted the guy who literally wrote the book on livestreaming your podcast on MY podcast!

What a week of livestreaming, haha.

Christoph Trappe is the Director of Content Strategy at Voxpopme, an author, speaker and the host of The Business Storytelling Show -- a Top 5 business storytelling podcast (we gotta step our game up!)

Chances are, if you don’t have a podcast, you’ve thought about launching one. Or if you haven’t, you almost certainly listen to some. The form of audio content has become widely popular over the last 10 years with over 2 million unique podcasts out there.

But, as Christoph mentions, over half of those shows only have 14 episodes.

So the opportunity you have to share your story, or the success stories of your clients, is still very much available to you.

With livestreaming the video of your podcast, however, you have a new door opening up to you that I think you would be wise to walk through. I’m going to do it myself.

Christoph explains that when you have a podcast, it’s a separate entity from your personal following and you have to convince people to go find it. But with live streaming it, you bring it to the following you’ve already worked so hard to establish (on Youtube, Facebook, or wherever you have built your online audience most).

We talk about finding your “content tilt” -- i.e. what separates you from everyone else in your market area. It’s your unique perspective on your content niche, which creates an

opportunity for you to attack, lead

and, ultimately, own the category.

We go through the tools you need (and DON’T need) to get started and how you can easily execute the livestream with the different publishing platforms available.

We cover it all.

If you’ve thought about starting a podcast for your niche, or if you want to create an easily expanded reach to the one you already host, this is the episode for you!


Some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • Speaking at Content Marketing World

  • Working at Voxpopme

  • How podcast marketing can propel your business forward

  • The benefits of livestreaming your podcast

  • The tools you need to get started in creating creative content

  • How to pick guests for your show

  • Types of attainable goals when starting a show

  • Platforms available to host your live stream on

  • Why live video is so effective and impactful

  • Best practices for livestreaming

  • Why how you dress is important on live-streams

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Peace and Love,



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