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You do not just have one story to tell. You have endless stories inside of you, just waiting to be told.


The goal of the Storytelling Workbook for Beginners is to help you work your storytelling muscles on a daily or weekly basis, so you can be able to spot storytelling opportunities at any given time and know which story will be the most effective to use. By setting up a simple story structure for you to understand and follow, as well as a routine practice of working that storytelling muscle, you can create up to 100 stories with this one workbook. And soon, you will be well on your way to becoming a compelling storyteller!


From filmmaker and storytelling expert Rain Bennett, this workbook establishes the "Four Ps" that serve as the framework of his award-winning stories -- People, Problem, Purpose, and Platform.This workbook is perfect for entrepreneurs, marketers, communication directors, small to medium business owners, nonprofit communicators, influencers, competitive storytellers, and people who know that stories create human connections!

Storytelling Workbook for Beginners

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