So, you’ve hit a wall with your marketing strategy. You’re struggling to connect with your target audience and retain their business. You’ve tried the social media thing, but your engagement is lower than you’d like it to be. And you’re selling something impactful, but for some reason, no one seems all that interested. You’re frustrated and tired. Something needs to change, but you don’t know where to start. Well, this book is where to start. Six Second Stories: Maximize Your Impact in Minimal Time with Video Storytelling was written with you in mind -- the beginner storyteller, entrepreneur, small business owner, nonprofit director, content creator, or influencer. Filmmaker and storytelling expert, Rain Bennett, will walk you through how to utilize the power of storytelling via video as a key marketing technique to help boost your overall audience engagement, and keep them engaged for the long haul. We discuss why storytelling is critical to your business’s success, the specifics of where and how to tell a good story, the science behind why storytelling works, and so much more. After reading this book, you’ll be well on your way to creating lasting connections with your audience and growing your business more than you thought possible!

Six Second Stories: Maximize Your Impact in Minimal Time with Video Storytelling

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  • “Story rules when you want to influence others and this book is a must read if you want to rule the world of storytelling.  Full of punchy narratives and science, Six Second Stories will show you how to do the most in the least amount of time.”

    DR. PAUL J. ZAK, Director of Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University, Author of Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High Performance Companies


    “In a world that continues to democratize the medium of storytelling — from the speakers on stages at TEDx events to the iPhone journalists helping to spur long overdue cultural revolution — it is critical that you know how to tell your story through the lens and onto the screen. Lucky for you (and me), Rain has created a resource to help us do exactly that without stress and overwhelm through what’s become my new go-to guide for video storytelling.”

    MIKE GANINO, Creator of the Mike Drop Method for Public Speaking and Storytelling; Former Executive Producer TEDx Cambridge 


    “Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s tool belt, and in this book, Rain teaches how to master both the art and science of story.”

    MELANIE DEZIEL, Author of The Content Fuel Framework


    "Rain is a leader who truly cares about the work he shares with the world, that's why I know this book will impact so many who read it. There's so much truth behind his words on why telling your story is so important and needed. If you've been on the fence with sharing your story with the world, this is the book you need to be reading." 

    ALEXA CARLIN, Author of Adaptable


    "If you want to stop feeling like you are drowning in a sea of sameness, then Six Second Stories is your life preserver. Rain Bennett takes you on his riveting personal journey and gives you the tools to learn to tell your own stories that inspire action."

    JOHN LIVESAY, Keynote Speaker on Sales & Storytelling, Author of Better Selling Through Storytelling, TEDx Speaker

    “Rain layers the information in such a way that by the end of the book, you not only know the history of storytelling, the science behind it, the psychology behind it, the impact because of it, but you also learn how to do it in the traditional sense and more modern-day digital sense. You may not become a master storyteller overnight, but you will have all the necessary components, tools, strategies, and prompts to help you activate the great storyteller that is in all of us after reading this book.”

    TROY SANDIDGE, Global B2B Marketing Strategist 


    "Because running experiments is the true secret to becoming a better storyteller, Rain narrates his own learning journey so well, by the time you finish this book you will feel like you have enough “experience” to run your own experiments.” 

    ANNETTE SIMMONS, Author of The Story Factor and Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins

    “Rain deftly uses his own stories and those of his clients to SHOW readers, vulnerably and powerfully, how to craft compelling stories that connect. A storyteller's storyteller, he takes his reader—and it reads like he is speaking to YOU!–through every part of story crafting so they, too, can master structure, know what stories to tell, and understand how to do it briefly and brilliantly in video and beyond. This is a terrific book with so much value for ANY reader—whether you're experienced or just beginning your story journey. And I promise you'll identify with a few of his heartfelt and real personal stories."

    KATHY KLOTZ-GUEST, MA, MBA, Keynote Speaker, Improv Comedian, and Author of Stop Boring Me!