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The Storytelling Lab - Ep 8: Graphics

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Today, I’ll explore the importance of text graphics, animation, infographics, and subtitles (which are SO effective for social media storytelling). Listen in to learn simple ways to use graphics to bump your visual storytelling to the next level!



Okay, I’ll admit, I’m kind of a dum-dum when it comes to graphics.

I’ve just never been that “technical” of a filmmaker.

When all my friends in college were learning motion graphics to become better video editors and get more corporate work, I was off learning how to shoot documentaries from different mentors.

Then when came time for me to edit my own film and I realized the importance of this third medium, I felt like the kid who missed a few too many trigonometry classes: lost.

But now there’s good news! The graphics gods have made super simple tools that even dum-dums like me can use to spruce up their stories.

Motion graphics can be incredibly effective by themselves or combined with audio and video.

In this episode, I talk about the best ways to use text graphics, animation, infographics, and subtitles. Graphics can help to convey a story even when the viewer is missing a key element, like sound or human characters.

As social media becomes one of the leading platforms for storytelling, graphics will become more and more handy. Whether a graphic is used to convey meaning or balance visual composition, every graphic MUST have a purpose.

Listen in to learn simple ways to use graphics, and bump your visual storytelling to the next level!

Peace and Love,


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