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How a Strong Brand and Culture Makes Your Brand Story Better with Mark Miller and Ted Vaughn

In a world where organizations struggle to share their stories, Mark Miller and Ted Vaughn revealed an unexpected twist. Their journey started with internal barriers hindering effective communication, but what they discovered was truly eye-opening. Tune into this conversation to uncover the transformative power of storytelling and culture on organizational success.



Rain Bennett and and Mark Miller + Ted Vaughn on The Storytelling Lab podcast.

Mark Miller and Ted Vaughn, co-authors of the enlightening book Culture Built My Brand, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Their deep understanding of the crucial link between culture and brand success is invaluable for nonprofit leaders and staff members looking to enhance their organizational dynamics and brand resonance.

With a passion for helping organizations communicate their stories effectively, Mark and Ted offer practical insights and actionable strategies that resonate with both beginners and seasoned professionals.

In this episode, Mark and Ted discuss how to:

  • Embrace culture and brand integration for nonprofit success.

  • Establish a strong culture and brand early on.

  • Discover the value proposition for engaging employees.

  • Gain insights from corporate world strategies to use in your business.

  • Unlock the power of storytelling in nonprofit communications.

Embracing Culture and Brand Integration

Mark and Ted highlight the unique interplay between an organization's culture and its brand presence. Developing a unified culture fosters cohesion within the team and reflects positively on the external brand image. Therefore, fostering a harmonious blend of culture and brand contributes to the overall success and growth of the organization.

Culture Built My Brand

Establishing a Strong Culture Early

Starting to build a strong organizational culture early on is a key insight from Mark and Ted. The roots of a successful company lie in the richness of its culture, shaping its ethos and influencing how it is perceived by both internal and external audiences. As a priority from the outset, a resilient culture serves as the bedrock for long-term sustainability and success.

Discovering Your Value Proposition

Recognizing the importance of a compelling value proposition is crucial, especially for employees within the organization. According to Mark and Ted, investing in employee well-being and aligning their value proposition with that of the organization can lead to enhanced customer experiences. Hence, understanding and implementing a strong value proposition is an essential strategy for driving overall organizational growth.

"To describe brand, I go by the definition established by Marty Neumeier, which is basically that it's what other people say about your organization—it's their opinions, their thoughts, their feelings, and where that comes from, which is where we take brand to the next level, is your culture. Because if culture is how you show up, it's who you hire, it's what you budget, it's the decisions you make... those all trickle down externally to who you serve or your customers, and that ultimately shapes their opinions about you."
- Ted Vaughn

Rain Bennett and and Mark Miller + Ted Vaughn on The Storytelling Lab podcast.

If your brand isn't clearly identified for YOUR unique audience, this is the episode for you!

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Some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • 00:00:47 - The Meaning Behind "Culture Eating Brands"

  • 00:03:40 - Understanding Organizational Culture

  • 00:04:57 - Defining Brand and its Relationship to Culture

  • 00:12:18 - Nonprofits' Unique Struggles with Culture and Brand

  • 00:14:58 - The Challenge of Recruiting Talent in the Nonprofit Sector

  • 00:16:24 - Nonprofit's Approach to Video Marketing

  • 00:18:02 - Nonprofits Acting Like Lifestyle Brands

  • 00:19:59 - Importance of Authenticity and Humor in Nonprofits

  • 00:25:37 - Strategies for Small Local Nonprofits

  • 00:30:48 - The Power of Storytelling in Nonprofits

  • 00:32:25 - The Difference Between Testimonies and Stories

  • 00:35:54 - The Science of Storytelling

  • 00:39:30 - The Impact of Low-Cost Content Creation

  • 00:43:00 - The Fulfillment of Working with Nonprofits

  • 00:46:20 - Collaborative Approach to Directing

  • 00:47:10 - Unique Gifts and Styles

  • 00:48:38 - Leveraging Nonprofit Staff

  • 00:50:06 - Embracing Innovation

  • 00:51:35 - Nonprofit's Role in the Future

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Peace and Love,



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