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Find Your Voice, Become More Creative, and Change the World with Heather Parady

Does this sound familiar to you? You've been told to dream big and set goals, but somehow, taking action toward those goals feels like an uphill battle. You find yourself stuck in a cycle of frustration and unfulfilled potential. The pain of watching your dreams slip away while waiting for something to happen can be excruciating. It's time to break free from this ineffective approach and embrace the journey toward your goals by taking decisive action.

Heather Parady is a tenacious trailblazer who helps dreamers actualize their bold ideas. Formerly a mental health therapist, Heather possesses a unique blend of empathy and an astute understanding of human behavior. Her natural inclination for big-picture thinking spurred her to transition into leadership consulting, where she excels in synergizing visionary ideas with actionable steps.

In this episode, you will learn how to:

  • Discover the transformative power of cultivating sincere connections

  • Unveil the crucial role of authenticity, intentionality, and sustaining relationships

  • Learn about the priceless value of discovering and claiming your unique creative footprint

  • Realize the profound influence that masterful storytelling has on both individuals and societies.

  • Understand the essence of being proactive and embracing the path to achieving your aspirations.



Rain Bennett and Kayley Hamilton, former celebrity reporter and PR expert, on The Storytelling Lab podcast.

Heather Parady was a mental health therapist living in Augusta, Georgia.

Her caring nature and passion for helping people were her driving force, but she craved something more.

She wanted to be part of the change and not just a facilitator.

Heather decided to transition from her stable career as a therapist to a more dynamic and uncertain path—a leap of faith—as she started her journey in the world of podcasting.

A novice in the field, she stepped into the unknown with a relentless spirit and an eager heart.

Her bravery illuminated her path, and soon she became an influential voice in the podcasting world.

Heather's story serves as a testament to the power of action and the potential of embracing the unknown.

In this conversation, she shows us how to:

  • Leverage the impactful potential of genuine human interactions and curated podcast episodes.

  • Recognize the pivotal role transparency, purpose, and continued relationship cultivation play in longevity.

  • Explore the rewarding process of identifying and embodying your individuality within the creative sphere.

  • Grasp the deep-rooted consequences that potent storytelling has on individuals and cultural evolution.

  • Understand the necessity of conscious action and the acceptance of an evolving journey toward your objectives.

Kayley Hamilton from Kayley Media

Finding Your Voice and Purpose

There is an innate desire in people to live a life of purpose and significance. It’s about figuring out what you are passionate about, what moves you, and aligning this with your life's direction.

This is a journey of self-discovery, where one learns to leverage and express their unique voice and values.

By finding this voice and purpose, people can bring authenticity to their chosen field, contribute to others in meaningful ways, and find personal fulfillment.

Heather Parady is an embodiment of this journey. She realized that she thrives when she's deep into her creativity, problem-solving, and making connections in unique ways that reflect who she truly is. She encourages listeners to engage in introspection and personal exploration to unearth their authentic voices and follow the path that aligns with their true selves. Heather considers finding one's voice and purpose as crucial components of personal growth that lead to experiencing a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

The Importance of Authenticity

Authenticity is a core value that enables individuals to stay true to themselves and their beliefs, even in the face of adversity. Embracing authenticity allows your unique voice to be heard and sets you apart from others.

Heather emphasizes the importance of authenticity time and again throughout her conversation with Rain. Whether it's about connecting with her podcast guests or expressing her creativity, Heather prioritizes staying true to herself and being genuine. Her dedication to authenticity is a demonstration of her stance as a trailblazer and someone who values and builds genuine connections. Heather's authenticity comes through as she maintains her unique way of being and making her mark in her respective field.

The Evolution of Taking Action

Much like any other aspect of personal growth, the concept of taking action evolves over time.

Initially, it may be about pushing boundaries and stepping out of comfort zones. However, with time and experience, it becomes more about intentionality, strategic risks, and informed decisions.

It develops from a simple act of doing to a more nuanced understanding of what to do, when, and how. This evolution is inevitable and necessary for growth and success.

During her conversation on The Storytelling Lab, Heather illustrated how her approach to taking action has evolved over time. She initially struggled with the thought of whether she was making the right moves, but eventually learned to trust herself and understand that every action had some value and learning attached to it. She emphasized the importance of using small steps as stepping stones to bigger opportunities, continuously learning and growing from each experience.

"You find your voice by using it. " - Heather Parady

Kayley Hamilton of Kayley Media teaches small brands how to have big name success in PR.

If you are looking for the inspiration you need to finally take action on that big audacious goal of yours, this is the episode for you!

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Some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • 00:02:05 - Heather's Work

  • 00:03:50 - What is a Visionary?

  • 00:05:38 - Transition from Therapy to Current Work

  • 00:09:49 - Taking the Leap

  • 00:13:58 - The Importance of Faithfulness and Growth

  • 00:14:49 - Tapping into Masculine and Feminine Energy

  • 00:16:48 - Finding Your Voice and Purpose

  • 00:18:23 - The Evolution of Taking Action

  • 00:19:47 - Letting Go of the Idea of a Singular Path

  • 00:28:14 - The Importance of Authenticity

  • 00:29:32 - Standing Out in Interviews

  • 00:31:28 - Building a Connection with Steven Pressfield

  • 00:34:57 - Leveraging Smaller Numbers

  • 00:37:33 - Trusting the Process

  • 00:38:40 - Seeing Yourself as a Professional

  • 00:41:24 - Understanding Consistency

  • 00:43:17 - Embracing Supportive Roles

  • 00:44:44 - Creating Content and Community

  • 00:46:25 - Exploring Different Perspectives

  • 00:48:08 - Recommended Books for Creativity

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Peace and Love,



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The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit the Storytelling Lab website to listen to the full episode with Heather Parady.

  • Check out Heather's website to learn more about her work as an integrator for visionaries.

  • Connect with Heather on social media to stay updated on her latest projects and insights.

  • Explore the Rocket Fuel book to learn more about the concept of visionaries and integrators.

  • Consider starting your own podcast or online show to find your voice and share your ideas with the world.

  • If you're feeling stuck in your current career or profession, take the leap and pursue your passion for creating change.

  • If you're struggling to find your true calling, consider seeking guidance from a coach or consultant who can help you uncover your strengths and purpose.

  • If you're interested in diving deeper into personal growth and development, check out the Unconventional Leaders podcast for inspiring interviews and insights.

  • If you're a therapist or mental health professional looking to transition into a different field, explore opportunities in coaching, consulting, or online entrepreneurship.

  • If you're looking for support in executing your big ideas and bringing them to life, reach out to Heather Parady for her expertise as an integrator.

  • Heather recommends Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, which explores the idea that ideas are entities that need to be acted upon. She also mentions The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks as impactful books for creativity and storytelling.


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