On the Stage

One Saturday, I was lying on my couch at 10:40am.  I was going to attend my first Toastmasters meeting at 11:00, to practice public speaking more.  When I told my girlfriend I wasn't sure if I was going she said, "Hmm, it's not like you to be lazy."  I got up, went to the meeting, and won the Table Topics that day.

Now, I compete in monthly storytelling competitions and regularly speak at conferences, workshops and other events around the world. 

Some of the things I'm most proud of as a speaker:

  • hosting the World Street Workout Super Final

  • winning my first story slam competition at The Monti

  • speaking at the AFPT Convention in Oslo 2017

  • speaking at the Create Good Conference in 2019

  • creating Health and Happiness, a storytelling series

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