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Ep. 100: Top Storytelling Tips of Season 6

At last we've arrived at episode 100 of The Storytelling Lab -- and what a journey it has been! This episode features 9 of our amazing guests from this season including Jimmy Hays Nelson, Heather H. Bennett, Neil Bearden, Annette Simmons, Kerri Twigg, Jaya Rose, Robert Kennedy II, Mike Ganino, and Mothyna James-Brightful. Tune in soon for the drop of Season 7!



Well, storytellers.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite a while.

And if you’ve been along for this journey, in part or in whole, you’re part of the reason why.

The Storytelling Lab -- this little podcast I started in 2018 to help break down the art and science of storytelling -- has reached its 100th episode!

This is a huge accomplishment for me, you, and all storytellers. For starters, there are now over 1 million unique podcasts and over half of them have fewer than 14 episodes (12% have only ONE episode published)! But more importantly, it means we are consistently sharing the power of stories to shape our lives and businesses and the knowledge of that power is only growing.

I’m thrilled to be one of the people promoting that and I’m thrilled you’re a part of it, too.

At the end of every season of The Storytelling Lab, I like to comb through the episodes and pull out highlights that I know have resonated greatly with people.

This one is a bit longer but SO WORTH IT.

It’s the best of each episode in less-than-five-minute sound bites that you can apply to your story immediately to see success.

In Season 6 we talked so much about what’s blocking you from telling your authentic stories and how to unlock the pieces of your story that help you create the life or business of your dreams.

From being your authentic self, to finding it within you to make a tough change, to understanding how to leverage your story to move others to action and support of you, to building a business and building a life that only you can live… we’ve got you covered.

So much of what creates unique success starts with the story that you tell yourself.

And that is what we discussed in Season 6 more than anything else.

It’s all here, in one episode -- our 100th episode.

Need that inspiration to build your brand? This one's for you.

Thank you for listening.

Peace and Love,



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