is one-on-one


ideal for you?

I used to constantly spin in circles instead of running in a straight line. I stayed busy, but not productive. I knew what tasks I needed to do, but I didn’t have a strategy or process for how to accomplish them.


The tasks that were important, especially for long term goals, got shifted down the priority list when an “urgent” task came barging in the door.


Hiring a coach was absolutely the best decision that finally helped me calm down, focus on my goals, and strategically lay out plans to attack them.

Now that I've spent years learning how to establish a clear vision to serve my purpose and narrow my focus on very specific niche, I want to help others that struggled like I once did.


I offer one-on-one coaching for finding your unique intersections, taking the leap to pursue your purpose, and telling the stories that show the world why you're here.

Whether quarterly, monthly, or weekly, we can sit down face-to-face or via video chat to:

  • Unveil you "Unique Intersections" (the most important step!)

  • Discover the perfect niche for your brand or business

  • Unlock the secrets of how to "Take the Leap"

  • Craft the perfect Origin Story, Mission Story and Self Story

  • Set up a schedule to consistently create good content



"The way you break things down for people makes it so easy to understand and you inspire so many with your words. People couldn’t ask for a better coach!" 

—  Lisa, Care One Health Training

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