Recently, I became an official AMBASSADOR of Lululemon Athletica in Durham!

I’ve been training group exercise classes since 2008 focusing on boxing for fitness and bodyweight workouts that use plyometric, isometric, and calisthenic exercises to increase strength, endurance, mobility, and overall body control.   Currently, I am bringing my workouts to circuit classes at SYNC Studio in Durham!  5:00PM on Wednesdays as well as 5:00 and 6:00PM Thursdays at the Downtown Studio.  Come check me out!  Personal training offered downtown or at the South Studio .

If you’re interested in Boxing or Personal Training at my Backyard Park, message me for rates and times!

ALSO, stay up to date on upcoming events on the DATES tab.

Hit me up for any questions on classes, demos, or training!  Boxing. Calisthenics. TRX. Bootcamps.