“When you’re in those trenches, those low points, remember you have a mission… what your life mission is… you made that pact to yourself beyond anything else.”

CR Capers is a writer, producer, radio personality, director and distributor of independent film, film festival coordinator, lover of hip hop culture and all around curator of talent and content.

She has an extremely popular radio show and podcast, Why You Mad Son?, which deals with the social ills plaguing the human community) has a reach of over 3 million listeners worldwide and boasts a legion of loyal fans raised in the Hip Hop culture. She has also directed and produced three films two shorts through her film company MBS Films.

Her first commercial for Why You Mad Son? – mentioned in this episode.  Hilarious.

In 2016, CR and her team founded the Hip Hop Film Festival NYC with the help and blessings of “Uncle Ralph” McDaniels of VideoMusicBox.  The Hip Hop Film Festival NYC is where film meets the narrative of the Hip Hop generation. The festival seeks to give a platform to the under-served filmmakers of the culture, while providing a different narrative to the general public. The festival will launch the careers of next batch of independent writers, directors and actors who are fueled by Hip Hop.

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