“Jessica is not my rival, she’s like my best friend. We keep motivating each other. If one of us learns a new trick, we show each other.”

Melanie Driessen is a member of the world famous Barstarzz, but her name would be recognizable even without that brand.  She’s the current WSWCF World Champion, has won Queen of the Bar in 2015 and places in almost every calisthenics competition in which she competes.  In her early 20s, Melanie made the transition from the regimented world of gymnastics to the freestyle world of calisthenics and several first place trophies later, she’s one of the most popular athletes in the sport – male or female.

We talk about her passions, her goals, her vision for the federations, her friendship/rivalry with the Showoffz‘ Jessica “Russian Red” Bogdanov and much more.


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