“I couldn’t even do one pull-up in the Presidential Fitness Test. So I go home to my mom crying and what does she do? She gives me a chocolate cheesecake. I decided that day I would never let that happen again.”

Marc Missioreck is the VP of Sales and Sponsorships at LA-based TheFitExpo.  During his 33 year career in the fitness industry he has been instrumental in developing products, programs, events and facilities for some of the fitness industry’s most established and respected companies.

From nutritional supplements and exercise equipment, to health club operations, publishing, event production and even creating fitness vacations, he’s had the opportunity to work within just about every facet of the industry.  For the last 14 years, he’s been applying his extensive knowledge, experience and relationships towards building some of the largest, most diverse fitness expos in the country.

Marc and Jane Haber of TheFitExpo joined a screening of Raise Up in Chicago and he was immediately affected by the symbolism that he recognized from his own personal fitness transformation journey.

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