“We form these bonds that transcend so much. When my mom passed away, it proved that Zef was always my friend, because everything got pushed aside, whatever our differences were.”

Before the Bar Brawl on August 14th (hosted by Team Wingate) I spoke to Wingate’s own DOC and Zef Zakaveli from the Bar-barians.  If you haven’t heard these names, then you haven’t done any research into this lifestyle. DOC and Zef are both know for putting in killer sets on the barz and it was a pleasure to talk to both of them at the same time – I’m sure it won’t be our last conversation.

These two pioneers of the NYC calisthenics culture have been supportive of me and helped make the movie Raise Up what is was.  We talked about the historical event that was the Hip Hop Film Festival in August, the history and the future of competitive calisthenics, and what makes Brooklyn so damn tough.

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