“It’s not a black or white thing; it’s not a Russian or American thing. It’s a people thing. When we can elevate above the burden of ego, miracles can happen.”

On August 6th at the Hip Hop Film Festival, Dr. G and I moderated a “Health and Hip Hop” panel discussion featuring world-known calisthenics icons, I-born from Ruff Ryders ‘Thug Workout,’ Al Kavadlo, Quincy France, Ed Checo, and Beast AKA V12 Vital.   So many people were in the building it was CRAZY.  Legends, all of them.


The hip hop community is facing a mid life crisis. Since its inception, hip hop has been the voice of disenfranchised youth heard around the globe. Now after 40 some odd years, hip hop culture is pop culture. As hip hop’s pockets have gotten fat, the byproduct of this excess has been premature death for many of its stars. The list of stars we’ve lost to degenerative lifestyle diseases is staggering – Heavy D, Phife Dawg, JDilla, Nate Dogg, Big Pun, etc. The only remedy for this extreme overindulgence is balance in the form of health and wellness. We used this panel as a chance to discuss the influence we can have on future hip hop generations.

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